$NOVO Troubleshooter

Potential solutions

Trading is always open, it is not possible for $NOVO to disable this, you will be able to see this as there will be buys and sells continuously on any chart such as Pooocoin or Dextools.

PancakeRouter EXPIRED

This error is displayed when the transaction fails on the platform and you cannot proceed with this particular transaction.

This is most common when you have not concluded the transaction quickly and therefore it is expired.

Sign and broadcast the transaction soon as possible and this error will be avoided.

If you wait too long then the platform will be under the impression that you do not want the transaction to go through.

Insufficient Output Amount

This is due to slippage tolerance, here are some work arounds you can try:

  • Go to settings and increase the slippage tolerance for the transaction you are trying to make.

  • You can try and lower the decimal places of $NOVO for the transaction which can also assist in resolving the error.

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