$NOVO Staking

The staking

The Staking Dashboard can be found HERE

$NOVO is changing the way investors are rewarded and this via our smart contract (NAC) functions which includes a well thought and thorough process of calculating the return for investors.

The smart contract allows users to positively grow their return over time, this provides more value to each long-term Novoos holder.

Novoos does not promise insane returns as our competitors have done or will do in future of as that is unstainable, therefore we have a realistic return return percentage initially of a reasonable and sustainable 97% APR.

How do you stake?


$NOVO has removed the rebase from the NAC contract and the auto-staking functionality has been removed.

This is for sustainability and for the better of the whole ecosystem for the very long-term.

Simplified Flow

The $NOVO staking feature is an extraordinary way to reward holders, you simply have to:

1. Buy Novoos token through a Decentralized Exchange such as PanCakeSwap.

2. Stake on the $NOVO staking dashboard for a period of your choice.

3. Earn with a return on the staked tokens.

4. Earn for example $BUSD rewards in addition (The Novoos team is currently testing this to reward those that have staked too with a higher percentage).

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