Security & Research

NovoPad enhanced security protocols

What Is Security & Research?

NovoPad has a unique section dedicated to the security of projects, this provides an insight to potential investors and users of the platform to do their own due diligence.

This Security tab will be worked on and improved tremendously to provide thorough information to investors, even those that do not have knowledge of smart contracts or any other experience on ways to determine the risk of a project prior to investment.

The NovoPad Security tab is already developed and in full working order and will be live with the release of the Launchpad.

How Helpful Is It?

This also assists new investors in the space and provides some sort of assurance by NovoPad by doing the research on their behalf and presenting them with important and factual information about a particular sale prior to investment.

There are several functions that have been implemented to ensure the Security section which is an integral part of NovoPad and a leading factor for investors to use the platform inclusive of project owners to provide confidence.

Scoring System

The NovoPad security tab has a scoring algorithm, this score is made of several components and is calculated by a protocol to provide an indication of how risky a project is.

This algorithmic scoring system is unique and not available anywhere else, NovoPad cares about the security of investors and this is a fundamental part of the platform.

Additionally, aside from the information displayed that totals this score, there are internal factors too that are taken into account, these are not public to protect the integrity of NovoPad and to be steps ahead of malice practice as well as criminals who make attempts to take advantage of investors.

The Future Of NovoPad Security

NovoPad has several attributes and amplifications that are planned for the Security section.

As and when they are released and implemented, these will be announced on our social media and also Telegram and Discord etc.

Project Claims On the Security Tab

Project owners are able to make a claim for the security tab section, this is the first stage in order to request updates.

Once the project owner establishes contact and provides evidence of ownership, they are able to provide further proof for any details to be updated within this section and if these details are validated, the security section will be updated.

Certain blockchain & website data obtained by NovoPad for a project is automated and cannot be amended.

Security Tab Change Requests

Project owners can request any changes, however, these have to be validated and only NovoPad has the final say whether they are to be amended and these changes are solely based on factual information.


Each project listed has a unique simplistic reference assigned to it, this is for internal purposes and for users of NovoPad to provide at any moment to anybody or staff to pin point a project.

This assists to quickly find any project by Novoos, this reduces security risks, for example eliminating any user posting a link of a project which can be hidden and therefore have malicious intent behind it.

This number is better than a link to be shared to reference a particular project, further solidifying and protecting users from hidden and ill intended/scam links.

Learn the procedure on reporting a project and what to do if you have findings of a rogue and fraudulent project HERE

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