💰$NOVO Auto-Liquidity Jet Protocol

Automated engine for auto-liquidity

For Novoos like all others, market liquidity is one of the most important factors enabling relentless trading thereby providing allowance for investors to sell and buying $NOVO on any market.

A liquidity pool is literally the tokens and BNB which is required for trading to occur on PanCakeSwap; for example buying 1000 $NOVO tokens for 1 BNB.

Buying more $NOVO will cause a rise in the price of Novoos with the ratio also being affected in order to coincide with event which is the same scenario for sells.

To buy and sell $NOVO tokens, there is need for adequate liquidity but if the amount of funds in the LP is low then the price you receive will not be interesting.

NALJP provides liquidity and essentially resolves this issue as it is an automated process.

The process is as follows:

Every day NALJP will add liquidity to the pool, on every trade there is a 5% total tax charged as per the Novonomics which is accumulated to be used for the liquidity.

Every 24 hours our NALJP will inject automatic liquidity into the market, in effect reducing the effort to sell tokens nd at the same time providing stability for Novoos over the very long-term and the duration of its lifetime.

The $NOVO Auto-Liquidity Jet Protocol contract can be found below:

NALJT - BSC Explorer

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