💡$NOVO Allowance fund

Incentivizing $NOVO holders

A percentage of the fees whilst buying and selling $NOVO are accumulated in the NAF and provides assistance in sustaining and backing the staking rewards.

Novoos has a wallet that is separate to the rest and in essence provides support to the staking system implemented.

This in return provides backing to the rewards across the ecosystem which is also given support by a percentage of the sell and buy taxes for the $NOVO allowance fund.

These fees from trading are sent to the NAF wallet and stored there, the total percentage fee in the Novonomics is 5% combining both buy and sell fees.

NAF forms a strategic part of the Novoos contract because it does not allow the price to have a significant fall, it sustains growth over time and ensures the growth is imminent for Novoos and therefore red candles do not last long on the chart as the NAF stabilizes the chart.

The $NOVO Allowance fund address can be found here:

NAF - BSC Explorer

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