Endorsements & Partners

Adding & requesting endorsements additions

Project owners and teams can request for partnerships to be added inclusive of endorsements to their sales. This is crucial as potential investors will be able to review any large and popular partnerships directly on the sale page of the project. This is beneficial as potential investors can see who is backing the project, for example from KOL's, listing exchanges, influencers and renowned entities or influences.

To request any additions, please send the info to be verified HERE, the Novoos team will have to verify these prior to adding them to your sale.

These can be added at any time of the listing as long as you the project is listed on NovoPad.

You do not have to be part of the Tier System to add these to your project.

It is recommended to do this in advance and as early as possible, prior to your sale beginning therefore please get in touch with NovoPad as instructed above

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