Novoos Ecosystem

What to expect from $NOVO

The Novoos contracts have all now been deployed on the MainNet and can be found HERE

$NOVO branches and sub branches within the ecosystem will be expanding in future

Social Network

Earn whilst socializing, through staking, cash back on NovoPad in $NOVO tokens and distribution of rewards AIO in the ecosystem.

$NOVO is decentralized and you are anonymous since your data is free from compromise, giving back control to the actual community.

What can you expect?

Crypto chart calls, $tickers & prices

As an example, you will be able to call the $NOVO chart or price at any point anywhere in a conversation, your timeline, forums, groups etc.

Decentralized Network

Anonymous Gateway

Passive Income

Live streaming capabilities with gifting, donations & tips

Initial 97% APY + 5% $BUSD rewards

Although seemingly similar to many other attractive projects promising astronomical returns, Novoos is different due to rewarding investors via several avenues including but not limited to, staking, cash back on investments on NovoPad and reward distribution via stable coins and any token of choice chosen by the community.

Additionally, Novoos provides an avenue to make the most of Social Networking by combining features from popular Social Networks and bringing them to WEB3.

We do not collect any browser history, operating system information, or country of origin, $NOVO also anonymizes all IP addresses to

By using a set of server relays, we can ensure that user information stays private.

Telegram & WhatsApp Styled Group Chats

Chat on $NOVO is similar to Telegram but with key differences such as being anonymous and decentralized and with other options which will be implemented that will disallow anyone from adding you to a group without your approval!

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