Anonymous & Compliant

The Web3 Automated AI Facial & ID Recognition KYC is fully compliant with GDPR and relevant applicable laws in terms of subject data acquirement, processing and storage etc.

The $NOVO Web3 AI KYC is the leader in terms of security, compliance and data protection regulatory guidelines in the space on launchpads or otherwise.

Many are aware that when you setup an account with a renowned crypto exchange for example, you will require to go through a know-your-customer (KYC) process.

As soon as you complete this mandatory process, it will enable individuals to carry out purchases in cryptocurrency and given permissions to withdraw.

Here you find details and an explanation of what KYC is, what the process entails and how to get KYC for any other platform or for NovoPad itself.

What is KYC?

"Know your customer" is short for KYC which also stands for "know your client" and it is the process of verifying a customers identity.

This is predominantly used within financial institutions and businesses which are part of the financial sector which include stock exchanges, banks and of course recently, cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of KYC is to provide evidence that the person claiming who they are, is actually that individual.

This is in place to stop any fraudulent activities such as laundering money or fund any other illegal activities as well as evasion of tax etc.

KYC Fees

All NovoPad fees can be found HERE.

Please do not make any payment to anybody or send funds to someone promising they will provide KYC for your sale on NovoPad, this is impossible by a third party, you will be scammed and therefore lose your funds. Additionally, this is also prohibited as per NovoPad & Novoos terms & guidelines.

KYC Certificate

Every individual or project team, dev etc. will be presented with a KYC certificate as per below with the amended details as required.

The below is not a certificate of KYC for Novoos, just an example of our KYC certificate template which will be presented to project members/teams KYC'd by Novoos with color schemes reflecting the Tiers themselves

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