Affordable & Compliant

KYC affordability and compliance

One of the key reasons of KYC and its standards provide a strong benefit in stopping fraud in the financial sector and also money laundering, in the crypto space this is known to be rampant.

Whilst it adds complexity and time to the process, notably for the banking industry and its clients, the advantages are expected to exceed the inconvenience across board.

Standardized and compliant methods such as the Web3 Automated AI Facial & ID Recognition KYC, on the other hand, assist in speed and also the process.


KYC's mostly in the crypto space can be costly, Novoos provides their KYC services at some of the most affordable prices within the space.

Individuals, projects, Dev's and teams should be able to acquire KYC without breaking the bank.

Innovative Technology

The Web3 Automated AI Facial & ID Recognition KYC process available on NovoPad and the portal is innovative as there is not human interaction with the process.

The subject goes through the process without the need send their any of their ID or any identifying data such as photo's or videos to the $NOVO team.

Percentile Match

The AI Facial & ID KYC match scores are based on a high minimum percentage, 50% is the international standard and it may require manual review if the AI triggers a match which is not close enough.


The Web3 AI KYC service is fully compliant with GDRP and applicable laws based on privacy, the subject data process and all applicable laws in terms of data protection.

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