Allocation & Distribution

$NOVO token distribution

Total Supply

The $NOVO total fixed supply is 1,000,000,000 and this was chosen because of the current and ongoing market’ psychology of killing zeroes off the price to get to $1 or more and providing enough token supply for the very long term.

Although there is an automated burn via the $NOVO tokenomics through the Novoos Mariana Trench, we can also burn tokens manually at critical and strategic times.

Almost all coins or/and tokens these days start with a price below 0, this is a psychological effect linked to separate and important aspects.

This is essentially tactical and it is used to create hype amongst the community to get the price close and to $1.

Through Novoos research it has been found that investors tend to hold the tokens which are below $0 (In decimals 0.01, 0.001 or 0.0001).

The Quantity Theory of Money

According to The Quantity Theory of Money MV=PQ, where:

M= Money supply

V= Velocity (rate at which money changes hands)

P= average Price of a good or service

Q= Quantity of goods and services sold

A key point to note here and to understand is that monetarists believe that changes to M (money supply) are the driver in this equation.

In short, a change in M directly affects and determines employment, inflation (P), and production (Q).

The Basics

The $NOVO total supply is 1 billion.

There will also be a percentage for airdrops to buyers, inclusive of a bounty campaign and community giveaways.

Caps & Min Max

Seed/Private Sales

Round 1 - Principal Advocates

Hard Cap: 75 BNB

Min: 0.5 BNB - Max: 3 BNB

Round 2

Hard Cap: 125 BNB

Min: 0.5 BNB - Max: 3 BNB


Soft Cap - 200 BNB

Hard Cap - 400 BNB

Minimum Purchase – 0.1 BNB

Maximum Purchase – 5 BNB

Novoos tokens can be purchased in presale on NovoPad.

PancakeSwap Launch Rates

PanCakeSwap Launch Price - Will be based on the final presale filling amount.

Initial Market Cap (Estimate) - Will be based on the final presale filling amount.

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