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NovoPad will be the launchpad to pave the way

See the NovoPad Pitch Deck for a visual presentation instead which had .

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Introduction to NovoPad

The first branch of the Novoos Ecosystem

We know investors are fed up of scams, this is the reason the $NOVO launchpad will be the one to change the game forever by adding more protection for investors, a due diligence section/tab and an Investor Insurance & Refund Fund.

We are not here to promise that a scam will not take place and rogue projects will not list on the launchpad, however, Novoos has implemented several ways for investors to carry out their due diligence with the visual data and thorough information available for each project.

In fact, Novoos has also several security protocols in place to make all attempts to find the culprits behind any fraudulent project, these protocols will remain behind closed doors and not make any party outside aware of our procedures in obtaining the information in question.

As time goes by, there will be obvious updates to NovoPad with security being the main focus point, for example with the Intelligent Data Analysis Tools at later stage being released which will flag up similar projects based on various past criteria.

This is why we are working on an innovative launchpad which will directly compete with the current popular offerings.

Unique Mechanisms & Features

The $NOVO launchpad works on unique algorithmic data processing and a very strict due process to ensure the projects are fully vetted, not simply by KYC.

With functionality that is not existing currently, with our expert contacts and development teams, we will change the security aspect of launchpads which is lacking and finally close the loopholes that fraudsters maneuver in order to steal funds from investors without consequence.

This will be implemented in parts as we continue the development of NovoPad and whilst working with security partners that specialize in various aspects of blockchain and other sectors in relation to the working and engine of NovoPad.

That is not all

  • Lower cost to use the Novoos launchpad

  • Refunds for project owners for cancellations (Subject to case by case basis)

  • Strict & unique flow of KYC plus innovative processes in place to ensure loopholes are reduced dramatically

  • No infiltration, interference or third parties to carry out any of the processes $NOVO has internally

  • Walk-through process to project owners & dev's through a dedicated team

  • Several components added to streamline the launchpad compared to competitors

  • AI & human automated auditing services

  • Additional score based algorithm of projects based on various technical data

  • Technical analysis of project presentation to potential investors of each project

  • Integrations that focus on security and information at a glance to potential investors which can be used as indicators for an investment into a project

The NovoPad branch will be a frontline protocol for project owners to launch their projects and tokens with tools that will enable project owners and investors alike to take advantage of.

NovoPad is the next generation of launchpads because users are able to create and sell their own tokens using various attributes that only NovoPad offers.

All NovoPad created projects will be available to review with thorough information, these details are available at the frontend for potential investors to overview the most important aspects inclusive of security.

NovoPad is designed to allow users to launch their projects and tokens in the easiest and fastest way possible with a streamlined flow.

Investors will be able to browse presales due to our all-encompassing platform, providing users with detailed informative data and enhanced outlook of the projects, this is not found anywhere else.

Project owners will not require any coding expertise because the NovoPad features are self-explanatory.

The fees are affordable which include but not limited to Whitelists, Liquidity Locks, KYC, Audits and characteristics that provide an insight and due diligence without having to search anywhere else.

There will also be buybacks for the $NOVO token from the most competitive fees charged for listings.

To easily distinguish between projects, we have come up with the system of Tier rankings.

The higher the Tier, the more research and thorough process has gone into a project, Novoos and its partners will be carrying out further investigation if any project applies for one of NovoPads tiers.

This system of Tiers makes us identifiable as a launchpad for all projects, whether they are just starting, smaller or large scale, mostly what matters is the security of investors and the quality of the project and what it has to offer.

That is why we do not only offer presales, but Private sales too, NovoPad is also one of the first launchpads to offer true private sales.

Fight Against Rugs & Scams

Another innovative feature only found on NovoPad is the fight against rugs and fraudulent projects and individuals, functionality and refunds option to both investors and project owners dependent on various conditions.

One of the greatest advantages of NovoPad and is to fight the rising number of scams and illegitimate presales with users being able to report projects from any listing directly to Novoos.

NovoPad has implemented distinctive elements which are distinguishable in quality compared to other launchpads available.

NovoPad will go through audits too for peace of mind and the platform itself is fully decentralized which means there is no need to request any private info.

This further offers assurance of safety for assets having full knowledge that no one is trying to manipulate a sale.

Why Choose NovoPad?

One critical aspect that makes NovoPad standout in comparison to all others is the value that we accord our users and projects, the safety and security mechanisms.

With some platforms, charging extortionate fees and project tokens - yet providing a minimal service, our pricing structure is affordable and offers users full control over their project listings and providing enhanced features to every investor in terms of due diligence and project owners flexibility in managing their sale listings.

Alongside this, there are several other features which are currently kept behind the scenes until the launchpad is announced for release and can be fully reviewed.

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