NAC Considerations

Novoos contract pointers

There are many advantages of the unique contract $NOVO uses than that of its competitors, here are some pointers to take into consideration.

In the $NOVO contract, each proxy is actually independent which in effect provides its own cycle of life and has its very own upgrade process.

The implementation is pointed by the proxy and the same implementation has the $NOVO upgrade logic contained within

The proxy is called when an upgrade is being processed, the implementation is then relayed by that call, if all is in order such as:

A: Access Control

B: Security Protection

Only then the target of the proxy will amend to the new implementation in question.

In terms of gas the $NOVO Ameliorative Contract is actually cheaper.

Every call made by the NAC, simply requires 1 call in terms of the SLOAD which is the storage lead, which then fetches the implantation address at the time.

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