High Risk Projects

Details of projects that are considered very high risk

One of the fundamentals of NovoPad is to provide the safest environment for projects to hold their presales and therefore have successful launches.

Anybody can create a presale, fair launch and a true private sale on NovoPad to raise funds for their project.

The NovoPad Tier System is in place to not only assist devs, project owners etc. but also for NovoPad to conclude several aspects of due diligence on behalf of investors for peace of mind.

All Tiered Sales on NovoPad are clearly indicated by the color and design as well as hovering over each Tier which provides information about it in the form of a tooltip.

Those that are not part of the Tier system are considered "High Risk", you should be very careful when investing in these projects as there was no due diligence carried out by NovoPad of the project.

Project owners, or those that can evidently provide information that they act on behalf of the project in question at a legitimate capacity can apply for a Tier freely for review.

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