$NOVO contract information

You can find all the contracts below for Novoos.

$NOVO Contracts


$NOVO Auto-Liquidity Jet Protocol (NALJP)

$WNOVO (Wrapped Novoos)

Novoos Rewards

Novoos Jackpot

The Mariana Trench (TMT)

As and when the ecosystem branches are released in stable version and made public, this page will be updated with the contracts.

The BSCScan team (Etherscan) have reviewed the project as per our request and updated the details on BSCScan which means you can now find the $NOVO contract simply by typing the projects name on BSCScan.

This includes all current Novoos official socials and more, huge step in progression.

This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Easier and quicker to find the Novoos project details.

  2. Imitations and fraudulent tokens can be identified with ease.

  3. Further highlights the strength and seriousness of the project.

Progress and development is equally important no matter the condition of the market.

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