What Is Scraping?

Scraped and added, how to avoid it

Telegram Issues

Ever wondered sometimes when there is a new group that appears that you do not remember joining?

This is because the group in question uses bots to scrape and add members from competitors to their own.

This is not organic at large and considered as spam, some projects even lose their group by Telegram deleting it or labelling it as a scam if there are enough reports.

$NOVO has a similar functionality of chat groups like Telegram which is completely anonymous and decentralized - Novoos has the option to not be added to the $NOVO chat groups and Telegram does not! - CHECK OUT THE VIDEO OF CHAT GROUPS AND CURRENT STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT HERE

How to avoid it?

To stop this and avoid being added to random Telegram groups, go to:

  • Settings (Click the 3 lines in your account)

  • Click Privacy and Security

  • Click on Groups

  • Click on My Contacts

  • You can add exceptions if you want

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