$NOVO vs Competition

Novoos in Relation to Competitors


With one of the fastest and highest annual percentage yields in the game, Novoos has an advantage over competition with an estimated yearly APY of 97% & and a Daily ROI 1.3%.

More rewarding than anybody else

  1. Earn reflections paid in $NOVO.

  2. Earn by investing on NovoPad.

  3. Get prize payouts monthly based on leaderboards.

  4. Stake $NOVO NFT's and get special access to various elements of the Novoos Ecosystem utilities.

  5. 2 Jackpot payouts for largest buys every 24 hours and hourly last buyer jackpots.


With the $NOVO automatic buy-back, stability is a given which includes manual buy-backs too.


A unique algorithm for determining token supply, we ensure a prevention against significant price drops and 'rebase hoppers'. Additionally, through automated burns, we are able to keep the $NOVO token stable.

Speed matters

$NOVO rewards its holders every 24 hours with a 97% APR via auto-staking and distributes $BUSD rewards alongside this to create a staggering return to holders.

This incentive ensures that Novoos provides a growing token supply to users, expanding the $BUSD rewards in the process.

This is the first token to offer both supply expansion and stable coin payouts to its holders.

Healthy LP

When adding LP, usually the price drops and very volatile swings occur, but with Novoos, this is avoided.

Alterations to APY

Annual Percentage yield can fluctuate in order to keep the token stable, which enables long-term protocol health.


Novoos dapps & use cases are referred to as branches within the ecosystem, you can read more about this HERE.

$NOVO has an extraordinary number of utilities within its ecosystem based on changes that are much needed in crypto such as:

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