Is NovoPad safe?

Checks to make if NovoPad is safe

It is completely normal and understandable to be concerned about dApp's safety, this is why we have created this informational guide to provide a peace of mind to users to ensure that Novoos only develops safe applications whilst taking precautions and educate users on how to protect themselves.

Permission access when connecting to NovoPad

The most easiest and important way to check if your assets are safe on NovoPad is per the guide below.

You can apply this to any other dApp too, this will ensure that the website you are connecting to cannot access your funds and you do not accidentally provide access to a rogue dApp accidentally.

Novoos is using Metamask, one of the most popular wallets in this guide, however, the same applies to practically all other wallets.

Step 1 & 2

1. Connect to NovoPad with Metamask as usual

2. If you have multiple accounts, select the account that you would like to connect to NovoPad

Step 3 & 4

3. Review the account you would like to connect

4. The most important part, is to check the permissions you are allowing NovoPad when connecting

PanCakeSwap similar access

You are able to check NovoPad's permissions against those from PanCakeSwap as an example, one of the most popular and trusted DEX's in crypto

As you are able to see and check on your end, the following permissions are requested by NovoPad, let's review and see what they each do:

a) See address

This simply allows NovoPad to view your wallet address, in the example above, it ends in aca9

b) Account balance

This permission is self explanatory and it provides information on the funds you have available, for example for gas or a transaction you would like to make such as buying a token

c) Activity

This permission provides information on the transactions you have carried out such as buying tokens on NovoPad or PanCakeSwap and view them on BSC explorer as an example within Metamask

d) Suggested transactions to approve

When you click to buy a token on NovoPad or swapping on PanCakeSwap, this permission allows to the Metamask wallet popup to display and provide you the option to confirm the transaction

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