NovoPad Imitations

What to do when you find an imitation of NovoPad

The official NovoPad website is: HTTPS://NOVOOS.NET (TBU)

NovoPad is very difficult to replicate due to difference in design and not a copycat, however, a static page may be created to deceive vulnerable and unexpected users and potential investors.

You can see that the Novoos team even has added the top bar notification to the launchpad:

Here is what to do when you find a fraudulent website and link that is not the official NovoPad website, it takes a minute or under by following the guide below.

1. Navigate to the Google Safe Browsing reporting page HERE

2. Firstly add the phishing website URL in the text box in the form (Uniform Resource Locator).

3. Next, complete the recaptcha

4. Then paste the below text in the text area box:

This website is an imitation phishing website setup to steal funds from unexpected users and investors. The real website is here:

6. Click the "Submit Report"

7. You have completed the report, thank you, this helps keeping crypto a safer place as well as other fellow investors too.

Inform the NovoPad team of phishing or scam websites so they can add it to their database and blacklist to keep others safe, this is every important and you can do so HERE

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