The $NOVO Bank

Novoos bank
Providing sustainability and assurance of growth & stability
These fees are forwarded to the TNB which in return supports the NAF by providing funds for $NOVO marketing and all its development for the ecosystem.
Novoos has implemented a bank as it is vital to the operation of the contract and the system of auto-staking and provides several functionalities which are equally important in value for the success of Novoos.
The floor price is quite important and this has adverse effects on various components for projects.
Some do not survive once a chart is irrecoverable, this is where the TNB comes into play and provides support to the $NOVO allowance fund in case of heavy price fall.
As with any ecosystem, $NOVO will also use the funds to better improve marketing, current and future product development alike and in return benefit all holders of the Novoos community.
The $NOVO Bank address can be found below:
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