What are we doing?

The $NOVO plan

Novoos has the following already live:

  1. Wiki portal (Being released with NovoPad)

The ecosystem consists of utilities that provide incentives to $NOVO holders and assurance of rewards regularly.

The following make up the component of the Novoos ecosystem:

  1. Rug-proof launchpad - Our own unique touches to reduce risk drastically and we have ways to bring those on other launchpads to account by forensic tracing.

  2. Marketplace - Integrated to the social network where users can buy & sell anything.

  3. Gamification - Earn even more with gamification implemented into the Novoos social network and the higher you are on the global leaderboards the more rewards you are entitled to.

  4. NFTs - The Novoos NFT marketplace will also be integrated into the $NOVO social network where users will be able to showcase and sell their NFT's and allowing others to buy them.

  5. Sharing portal - Anonymous sharing of portal where you can practically upload any file, video, photos etc.

  6. We will be touching base on Metaverse too down the roadmap.

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