NovoPad Audit

Audit details and how to acquire one

Audits ensure smart contracts are safe from any vulnerabilities and risks that could be exploited through the code contained in smart contracts.

What is an audit?

This is an examination of a smart contract which is extensive and basically examines the code within to ensure it is free from any loopholes that can be taken advantage of whilst the crypto is interacting on the blockchain which could lead to drainage of funds etc.

When an audit is carried out, they are two ways and usually both are processed, automated and manual.

The automatic way is done by a machine coded to find the most common errors, however, the human examination is the most important.

The auditor will go through each line of code which the machine cannot do and it is not possible at all currently.

Once the audit process is complete, improvements if they are required and also any errors found are passed over to the owners and they have to fix them.

Audits with NovoPad

Acquiring an audit with a reputable company prior to listing on NovoPad is recommended to provide assurance to potential investors and a peace of mind that the code has been reviewed and is essentially free from bugs, errors and exploits etc.

Anyone can add an audit to NovoPad, this is part of the fundamentals to be decentralized, we have measures in place to check this and also can amend it.

If you wish for NovoPad to add specific details to the audits or anything else, please do Contact Us.

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