$NOVO Rewards

Token & Stable Coin Distribution

The Novoos Rewards Dash can be found HERE | The Rewards contract can be found: HER

The $NOVO token has a Novoos Rewards system alongside staking.

Novoos can reward any stable coin or token via the Novoos Rewards contract and the payout system is extraordinarily rewarding with the passive income.

To combat the price effect in the charts for the rewards, the buy back system is implemented where the contract will send a percentage to the LP to stabilize the price and chart, this also includes manual buy backs with an auto buy back via the NAC.

By providing a similar incentive associated with other cryptocurrencies, we can ensure that users will be eager to invest and hold the $NOVO token, which will allow us to grow our user and investor base.

This is important and with the benefits of the Novoos ecosystem covering the major aspects of any project, $NOVO is bound for success.

By holding more $NOVO tokens, you can increase your reward earnings on each reflection which mirrors the staking for more returns as it is also dependent on the holding percentage.

$NOVO can distribute any token or stable coin as rewards, from launch and initially this will be in $BUSD.

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