Novoos Pitch Deck

A visual presentation of NovoPad
Pitch Deck
To view the Pitch Deck | Visual Presentation of the Novoos Ecosystem click HERE, otherwise continue to the detailed whitepaper.

5 Audits Concluded

Before any sale being held, $NOVO has acquired 5 audits:
Novoos Proof Of Hardware Wallets with Shamir backups & hidden wallets as per the request of engineers & auditors.

3 Core Team KYC'S

Prior to any sale, $NOVO has acquired 3 KYC's:
3 KYC's completed by members of the core team, KYC acquirement by:
Founder & Owner: Lux
Core Team Member: Rahman
Core Team Member: Dawood
CEX Listings
2 CEX listings paid for and confirmed (Tier 3 to start us off for launch with more thereafter launch.

Refer & Earn


Several parts of the $NOVO whitepaper will be deprecated, these include tutorials, guides and assistance related pages. These are moving to the Novoos Wiki stand alone website and self serving helpdesk which will be released alongside NovoPad in due course. The whitepaper will serve its purpose for users to acquire information, understand the vision of the project and on the basis of assisting readers in comprehending the goal of the Novoos Ecosystem.
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